Chilled Beauty, Chilled You

Chilled Beauty, Chilled You

While we agree that you don’t necessarily need to invest in a skincare mini fridge, we insist that you explore the concept of chilled beauty once in a while! And no we aren’t just talking about “cold” creams.

Does it really help to refrigerate skincare products?

Oh yes! It definitely does! Refrigerating some skincare products really enhances your skincare experience. You know that cold fresh tissue they give you in the plane? Well, a serum right out of the fridge will probably give you that vacation feeling! Try soaking a sheet mask with a cold serum to take it up a notch! But, even beyond the emotional experience, chilled skincare products do help to instantly soothe skin. Think about a cold spoon or tea bag for puffy eyes, it drowns that fatigue and irritation, doesn’t it? Similarly, refrigerated skincare can calm skin and even reduce redness. Then of course there’s the product shelf life. Some products can last longer when stored in cool dry temperatures. Especially in moist and humid environments or in case the product is prone to oxidation, storing it in the fridge can really help! 

Our Summer Favorite

We’re all about beating that heat with none other than a splash of icy water. But an equally good alternative? Our Glow Tonic! Ideally we’d carry it around in an ice crate, but since that may not be possible we refrigerate it for a few hours and hope it stays cool enough atleast until the sun sets! And believe it or not, a spritz of this cold tonic really uplifts our mood and skin on a hot afternoon. Even better, it’s a great boost of hydration for dehydrated skin.

But What Should You Refrigerate? 

Be careful with what you put in the fridge! Obviously, clay masks and oil based formulas should never be refrigerated as it will solidify in there! However, if a product is gel based or water based, then you can definitely refrigerate it. So sheet masks, face mists, eye creams, gel masks, toners and moisturizers, all these products refrigerated can enhance your ultimate chilled beauty experience. You can also put your crystal rollers and gua shas in the fridge, because these beauty tools can further boost circulation when chilled. So go ahead now, stock up your fridge!

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