The Holiday Glow

Indian skin tone just like 70% of the world's population is melanin rich. And that means it’s more prone to pigmentation. But did you know that dry skin also contributes to this discolouration and uneven skin tone? If untreated, dry and dehydrated skin can lead to a compromised skin barrier, increased sensitivity and even pigmentation.

We focus on treating these common but often overlooked skin issues with hydrating blends that soothe, restore and brighten skin.

Inspired by the secrets of the sea and stories of the land we source high performing ingredients from around the world to create multi-targeted solutions while you can just be.

  • We source patented marine molecules, sustainably harvested from the Brittany coast of France and Seas of Spain which are at the heart of every product.

  • We then infuse the products with tropical superfruits and nutrient rich botanicals, to captivate the freshness and beauty of the island lifestyle.

  • To further boost the potency of these natural elements, we use scientifically proven targeted actives in all our formulations.

Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free, our products are safe, gentle, conscious and formulated without a load of nasty chemicals. We promise to bring you easy to use skincare that’s super effective yet does not compromise on the experience of selfcare. It's simple, if skincare feels like a vacation, you're sure to enjoy that relaxed and stress free holiday glow.