With the surge of clinical treatments and concentrated solutions, skincare often feels like a task - confusing and stressful! But we're here to change that. We believe in striking a balance between nature and modern science so that skincare becomes fun, easy and super effective.

Studies have shown that being close to the ocean has properties that relax and revive your skin and soul. It's got a lot to do with the sea breeze, but also with the seaweed.

  • Astaxanthin, a carotenoid found in Red Algae is 6000 X stronger than Vitamin C

  • A concentrated source of Seawater, Seaweed is rich in over 92 trace minerals

  • Algae is one of the best sources of vegan collagen & full of humectants

Our Formulas

Our dreamy textures and scintillating scents, our products are sure to provide the results you the want and the experience need.

  • We source patented marine molecules, sustainably harvested from the Brittany coast of France and Seas of Spain which are at the heart of every product.

  • We then infuse the products with tropical superfruits and nutrient rich botanicals, to captivate the freshness and beauty of the island lifestyle.

  • To further boost the potency of these natural elements, we use scientifically proven targeted actives in all our formulations.