Genderless Beauty

Genderless Beauty

In a society that we live in, we’ve always been burdened with definitions and expectations of beauty. We’ve been grounded with so many beliefs that when thought, seem to be so irrational. In today’s growing era, beauty and grooming is taking its own course and is breaking all said and known stereotypes. 

In recent years, the gender neutrality movement has gained traction, and it has aided in the creation of a more inclusive environment for people from all walks of life. Women and men are slowly getting at par in this industry. K-beauty and Korean pop culture is one such example of a paradigm wherein beauty is truly meant for all. Similarly, we as a society are evolving towards acceptance of gender-neutral formulas for men and women.

Products are no longer produced to meet binary demands; instead, they are tailored to meet the actual needs of many skin types. The product's performance influences the purchase decision, with the ingredients and their effects taking centre stage. Gender-neutral techniques do not differentiate Ingredients and effectiveness based on sexes. It’s all the same with optimum usage. 

Everyone wants healthy, youthful skin, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, or religion, and the trend will continue to transition away from anti-aging to a focus on the health benefits of skincare. Pink for women? Blue for men? Gender diversity and traditional stereotypes are beginning to dissolve. There are so many male influencers who are taking a toll over the internet. They’re making big news in the beauty and skincare industry and that’s where pre-set barriers are being buried. Several LGBTQ beauty influencers from around the world are infusing us with the most radical beauty opinions and stellar hair, skin, and makeup ideas on social media. Not only this but women shaving their facial hair, men using nail paints, and so many more of such practices are no more unheard of. A number of newly emerging brands are supporting them with genderless, inclusive product lines that do not discriminate. 

Lacuna Light is one such skincare brand that is gender-neutral. We believe that taking care of your own skin and indulging into self-care has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. All our products are suitable for both irrespective of the skin type. Take a look at our sea inspired, science backed vegan range right here and be the one to support GENDERLESS BEAUTY!

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