The Glam Glow Face Pack

The Glam Glow Face Pack

In today’s world we’re all just looking for one perfect skincare product that we can apply and all our blemishes would go away in a jiffy. We don’t want a long 11 step skincare routine, we just want that ‘one’ skincare product that would suit our skin type that actually does what it says. 

With constant exposure to daily toxins, stress and environmental pollutants, people suffer from dull, unhealthy and irritated skin. And most of these imbalances come down to three primary issues; inflammation, bacterial imbalance, and damaged skin barrier. Now all these can be treated easily with our one step clay therapy! Yes, you heard that right - a ONE STEP solution.

Clay masks purify the skin while pulling out excess sebum and dirt. They tighten skin by shrinking the appearance of pores and also smoothen skin texture. With gentle exfoliating agents they also help fade dark spots and give a radiant glow to your skin. 

Our Radiance Polish Clay Mask, is a tried and tested product which guarantees results. As the name suggests, it boosts glow and makes your skin look radiant and happy. The red algae with properties 6000 times stronger than vitamin C works as a wonderful antioxidant and brightening agent. That along with glycolic acid and silica beads gently exfoliate your skin to unveil fresh and renewed skin. And ofcourse, the refreshing tropical scents just adds to the spa experience at home! Can’t deny we could all use some R&R now and then. 

A one step facial to rid your skin of that stubborn summer tan, deliver that radiant glow before a wedding party or simply scare away that brewing acne, it's a must have in your skincare kitty.

And guess what, unlike other clay masks, this face pack suits those with dry skin too! It draws out that excess oil but it won’t strip your skin of moisture leaving it feeling stretchy and uncomfortable. With hydrating agents the mask leaves your skin feeling clean yet soft! And don’t we all know that even oily skin needs moisture.

So if you are looking for a multifunctional product which exfoliates, brightens and purifies at the same time, then this is it. This product is the solution to all your problems.

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